HCR now has a new home! We have forged a partnership with the London Borough of Harrow’s Youth Service to be housed in the new media centre based in Wealdstone. As well as housing HCR it will also boast a recording studio, band practice room, multi media suite and a small showcase stage.

The 6 main objectives of the station are:


    • To entertain, inspire and enrich the local community.


    • To provide an outlet for the local arts; whether they are groups, individuals or events in the fields of music, drama and the spoken word.


    • To promote local business, services, tourism and community groups.


    • To raise awareness of issues, which affect the community we live in.


    • To give people in the area the chance to access training in radio and social skills and gain qualifications in radio production leading to higher levels of employability regardless of experience.
    • To bring people together and promote equality to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or religious beliefs