Things you should know about Community Radio

Community Radio

The idea of radio being a platform for sharing message is still in trend, though the concept of radio is quite old-school. Today we have a lot of other options to share our thoughts, talents and message. So there must be something really emotional when it comes to radios, that is probably the reason behind how radios still stand the growth and evolution of technology and escape from going obsolete. Trying to know something about radios, one of the important things we must know is community radio.

Community radio is one of the interesting things carried out by radio stations. Before we go any further, let’s start by knowing what a community radio is.

 Community Radio

What Is Community Radio?

Just like people of similar talents form social groups on other media platforms from online to live shows, community radio is one such platform that radio stations offer budding talents and others alike. In community radio, a group of people with similar interests join together and promote and gather ideas. They share stories and expose their talents as well. These shows also go on air just like the other commercial shows that are broadcasted.

So here are some of the things that you have to know about community radio

Community radio is not fun:

It is a common misconception that community radio is fun and people outside take it for granted. Most community radios that function in a country go on the national forum, and most of us do not realize that. Community radio might seem like a platform that is existing in small scale, but the truth seems a little different. The artists who are performing here have great scope of switching to better places sooner or later.

No profit motive:

Community radios do not function with a profit motive. It is, in fact, a non-profit community. They neither charge the artists nor sell their talents. Community radios provide artists with a platform and let them perform the way they long. All you need is talent and the ability to stand out from the crowd and prove yourself unique.

Nurturing talents:

Community radios where started with the motive of finding and nurturing fresh and young talents. As a result community radios, in fact, succeeded in their aim and were able to produce better people to media. Staying connected with only voice as the medium is pretty difficult than you think. That is the reason as to why people working in radio station have better scope outside as well.

They differ with countries:

Community radio is a global concept. They are found in almost all countries, and the rules keep changing. Most community radios are governed on the national basis, and they go with such rules and because of the same community radios differ from one country to the other. In more than 20 major countries across the globe, community radios are seen as a major media platform for fresh talents.