Major Career Options in Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting

Radio, despite being overtaken by technology a long time back, still has lost its popularity. A lot of people out there love listening to radios even today, and for the same reason, we believe that a large range of career options are still available across the globe. In this article, we will see in detail about various career options that are available in radio broadcasting. But before we get any further, the career options in radio can be classified broadly as the technical ones and the management ones, and in each head, you have a list of jobs. Having this in mind we will go further.

Radio Broadcasting

Various career options in Radio:

General Manager:

Irrespective of whether it is radio or a supermarket, the role of the general manager doesn’t differ. A general manager is expected to take care of the affairs of the station and make sure that the different departments work in unison. He or she, in most cases, is expected to be a management graduate, either masters or bachelors, depending on the job requirement. This person is responsible for taking all the decisions and thereby it is important that you have some management skills as well.

Programming Director:

Behind every show that goes on-air, there are a lot of things that go behind the screen. Before the presenter takes it to the mic, the event or the show has to be processed according to the interests of the listeners. It has to be processed both in the technical and commercial perspective. This is where the programming director plays a major role. It is the responsibility of the programming director to ensure that a show and its presenter are ready to go on-air.

Radio Engineer:

A radio engineer is a person who is completely held up with the technical aspect of every show that goes on air. He has to be aware of both sound engineering and at the same time take care of the operating sector as well. A radio engineer is expected to hold a certificate of completion of the relevant course in case if he is going in the technician category and a relevant engineering degree if otherwise.

Radio presenter:

Under this head, you will have all the other things such as a radio jockey, radio announcer, and every other person who get to present himself on-air. Though it all depends on the skills that you possess, it will be more favourable if you hold a degree in mass media an communication or any other degrees similar to this. Communication is the most important tool when it comes to presenting in radio. This is one of the common placements that most people know and look for as far as radio careers are concerned.